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4 Letter Domain Names - Why choose a 4 letter .COM domain name?


Another example of of a 4 letter acronym domain name that could be desirable to many different companies is "".

Once it has gone, it has gone
. Many other companies around the world for which this generic 4 letter .com domain name could have been appropriate however there can only be one registrant of course which is :

ADS Securities

ADS Securities is an Investment Company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Prior to the domain name acquistion the company were using the domain name

The domain name was acquired for $61,600 See DNJournal Domain Name Sales.

The domain name fufils several "good branding" criteria - it it is short, it is memorable, it is unhyphenated, and has a .COM suffix (more widely recognised thant the .ae local country code) - especially important if conducting business internationally.

- but here are some examples just to name a few:

ADSS Advertising Design Strategic Solutions UAE
Advanced Document Systems & Supply Inc United States
ADS Security Services Pty Ltd Australia
ADSS IT Development Architects United Kingdom
Archive Document Scanning Solutions United States   www.ADSSjtcom
Active Digital Security Solution India
Arunodaya Detective & Security Services
Advanced Decision Supporting Systems Germany
ADSS Inc United States  
ADSS Shop Georgia
ADSS International United States
ADSS Global United States
American Warrior Networks United States
Beijing ADSS Development Co. Ltd China
Aesthetic Dentistry Society Singapore Singapore
Asociácia Dôchodkových Správcovských Spoločností Slovakia
ADS Services United States
ADS Services Belgium
ADS Services Inc United States
ADSS United States
ADS Systems Inc United States
All Detective Security Systems Ghana
Advanced Drying Systems Canada
ADS Systems United Kingdon
ADSS Brasil
ADSS s.r.l Italy
Arhus Dame SkydeSelskab Denmark
American Dental Society of Sweden Sweden
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