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Chinese companies using 4 letter domain .com names starting with HB (HeBei)

HeBei is an province in the North China region.   HeBei China has a number of Major Economic and Technological Development Zones namely: Baoding Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone
Langfang Export Processing Zone, Qinhuangdao Economic & Technological Development Zone, Qinhuangdao Export Processing Zone, Shijiazhuang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

For more information about HeBei see HeBei China. The official website of the People's Governement of HeBei province.

Many technological, engineering and manufacturing companies in China wishing to sell goods and services to a worldwide marketplace find that having a .com domain name, website and email address is definitely and advantage (especially to the USA, which is widely tuned into .com domain names).


4-letter domain names starting with HB used by companies in HeBei

Domain Hebei Electronic Certification Ltd HeBei FY (Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital) HeBei GJ (Hubei Industrial Construction Group Co Ltd) HeBei Horizon Group HeBei HY ( Shijiazhuang Huanyi Sculpture Engineering Co Ltd) HeBei HuaZhong HeBei Jiang Feng HeBei Jiao Tong HuBei Jiu Zhu HeBei KC (Shijiazhuang Stuttering School) HeBei KangDa HeBei KangLe HeBei Kai Tuo HuBei KeYi HeBei Li Feng HeBei MJ (Jingzhou Baiyun Electrical Co Ltd) HeBei MX (Chinese Hebei Star Communications Equipment Co Ltd) HeBei NobuTeru HeBei PingXiang HuBei QiChang HeBei QiaoDong HeBei Qianan Huagong HeBei QJ (Hebei Qing County Machine Tool Manufacturing Co Ltd) HeBei QingQing HeBei QiTe HeBei RuiJie (Hebei Okay Lift Equipment Co)

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